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hella new music coming soon


In honor of Wake and bake I’m selling the original of “Mary Jane ll” (on the left)..for a special price until 4:20 pm TODAY ONLY. If you buy I’ll throw in a print of the ” Mary Jane l” both pieces autographed.
They are 9inx11in
INBOX me to find out the price.

Serious inquiries only Please read the caption clearly



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"Real OG’s" by Nick Cocozza

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Drawn by Essy May


Love Jake!

new track.. check it out….

Awesome Fliptop (Filipino Rap Battle League) match; in English… Skarm  (Pasig City, Phillipines) VS Charron (from Ottawa,Canada / KOTD Battle League) Definately one of my favorite battles up to date.. looks like battle rap is coming back and the matches aren’t lame (I lost faith when Grind Time went to shit.)

Really sweet battle, both dudes went in… real lyricism and Emceeing at its finest..

it’s a beautiful thing that battle rap has literally gone global… any country you can think of has a huge scene with raw talent (Australia, Canada, USA, The U.K, Philippines, Ireland, and the list goes on and continues to grow.. even mainstream artist watch battles which is awesome because they need to witness the true art form of being a rapper and realize that there are kids still spitting non main-stream, non bubble gum/nursery rhyme and all that  dumbed down bs. 

light 1 up and vibe….. hello tumblr… its been a while… random post. but its my tumblr and ima do what i wanna!

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